Test your stair building knowledge and skill level

  1. A tread is
    • A planing tool used in stair building
    • The walking surface of a staircase
    • The vertical rise of a staircase
    • All the above
  2. The nosing is
    • A classic molding profile
    • The overhang of a stair tread
    • The angle of a staircase
    • A type of bracket
  3. Rise and Run are
    • Morning exercise
    • A type of staircase
    • The vertical and horizontal dimensions of a staircase
    • A and C
  4. Tool not used in stair construction
    • A level
    • A heat gun
    • A measuring tape
    • A framing square
  5. The Pythagorean Theorem is a
    • A mathmatical way to measure circles
    • Mathmatical equation to find the hypotenuse of a triangle
    • A mathematical equation to determine vertical fractions
    • A triangle shaped stair tread
  6. A stringer is
    • The structural support for stair treads and risers
    • String tool used to measure a stair layout
    • The section of a staircase that has a flat part
    • A tradesman that threads footballs
  7. I have ...
    • Never used a circular saw
    • Used a circular saw once or twice
    • Worked with one a fair bit
    • Work with a circular saw all the time
  8. Hanging a door
    • Is an unfathomable project for me
    • Is a difficult challenge
    • Is doable
    • I can do it blindfolded
  9. Building a Deck
    • Is an easy quick weekend project for me
    • I'd sooner call for a quote
    • I've done a few
    • We build them on every house we complete
  10. What is the difference between level and plumb
    • Level is the act of telling the truth and plumb is a fruit
    • Level is a line that is exactly vertical and plumb is a line is exactly horizontal
    • Plumb is a line that is exactly vertical and level is a line that is exactly horizontal
  11. If you have a 14-riser stair flight, how many steps (treads/unit runs) do you have?
    • 13
    • 12
    • 15
  12. If your unit run (run per step) is 9 ½ inches and you have 10 steps and a mounting bracket that is 1 ½ inches thick and adds 1 ½ inches to your total run, then what's the total run of your staircase? Take your time and do the math...
    • 90 ½ inches
    • 95 inches
    • 96 ½ inches
    • 100 ½ inches
  13. If your total floor to floor (FF) height is 101 inches and you have a 13 riser staircase, then what is your unit rise (rise per step)?
    • 7 inches
    • 8 ½ inches
    • 7 ¾ inches
    • 5 inches