Our founder, the late Raymond Couture, was an accomplished expert in matters of construction technology and had many patents to his name. He had always been curious as to why staircase construction was the last element in residential building to resist any technological advance. It became Mr. Couture's goal to simplify staircase construction so that it would no longer require the specialised labour skills that are increasingly difficult to find.

In 2002 he founded the Case-Modular Stair System Company with his long time lawyer and friend Peter Turner of Sutton, Quebec. Shortly thereafter they were joined by Jon Eakes, the widely known and respected authority on construction technology. Mr Eakes, for years hosted his own television and radio shows and now appears on his very popular website Ask Jon Eakes.

The team quickly grew to include Tyler Sutherland, a building contractor in Orillia Ontario, Patrick Turner, M.Arch, University of Toronto, who has his own design practice under the name Thout Design, in Montreal, Geoffrey Webber M.B.A., D.Fisc. University of Sherbrooke, who is a partner at the accounting firm Joly Riendeau Duke, in Cowansville Quebec, and Michel Marquis, a one time Production Supervisor at Albany Felt and now a contractor in Cowansville, Quebec.

This management group works closely together to introduce to the market a product that they believe brings, for the first time, stair building to the ready capability of both the competent carpenter and the talented do-it-yourselfer.

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