About Case-Modular

Case-Modular is a Canadian company that has developed a patent-pending solution which solves a number of age old problems relating to staircase construction.

This system makes building a custom staircase easier by standardizing a trade that has traditionally required specialized skills and big shop spaces. Case-Modular permits builders to manage their own stair installations using only moderately skilled labour.

The system's modularity provides flexibility that allows for on site changes and adjustments to ensure a perfect fit.

Also, because so much millwork is done in the factory, the user only needs everyday carpenter's tools, no special shop tools or special stair jigs.

Once assembled, screwed, bolted and glued, the Case-Modular staircase is transformed into a monocoque structure that doesn't squeak.

When completed, the unit becomes a solid structure that is absolutely indistinguishable from a traditionally built staircase. It is competitively priced, every step is the same height every time, it requires both less time and less skilled labour to assemble and install and it won't squeak.

The Case-Modular staircase system is fully covered by Canadian and US patents pending.

Simple Assembly

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