The Case-Modular Stair System concept was developed by Raymond Couture, who was well known in Quebec as a consultant in matters of construction technology. After an accomplished career in the management of major projects, Mr. Couture turned his mind to finding new solutions for various perennial challenges in residential and commercial construction. He developed some technology in the areas of laminated wood products and the use of monocoque forms in the building of residences.

In the late 1990's he began to look at the long-standing problem of the construction of staircases - perhaps the last element in building construction to have resisted any form of technological advance. The construction of stairs, in spite of consistent efforts to apply modular technology in today's construction field, continues to require the time of master carpenters who constitute a both expensive and dwindling resource.

Mr. Couture first developed a modular steel staircase technology and brought it to market with the installation of some 3000 units in Quebec and California. The product continues to be sold, particularly for use on construction sites

He devoted the past 5-6 years to finding a means of reducing the cost of skilled labor required when building staircases. To this end he has developed and designed a New Modular Prefabricated Staircase System, which makes building a staircase faster and easier. The Case-Modular Stair System requires less skill, fewer specialty tools and Jigs and has eliminated the need for a big woodshop space.

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